16 reasons it is good to be home

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  1. Enjoying meals lovingly prepared by dear friends 
  2. Realising it was 7 conveyances to get home (taxi-plane-bus-taxi-train-bus-car)
  3. Feeling happy that our friends are so kind and helpful
  4. Relishing the Oyama hillscapes
  5. Doing laundry on my own schedule
  6. Being surprised by the 5 o'clock bells
  7. Nomming anago sushi bento for lunch
  8. Sunning the futon on a beautiful afternoon
  9. Opening piles of mail that include personal letters
  10. Bundling up in cozy fleece and hats
  11. Bicycling to the grocery store
  12. Reconnecting with the community schedule
  13. Planning nothing for a week or two or three
  14. Dancing in the office because there is nothing to plan
  15. Uploading huge whacks of photos & videos over gigabit fiber
  16. Dreaming of all the things I could do next
I loved being in Thailand for seven weeks. It was a great adventure running a circus and doing good in the world, meeting people, teaching kids, and collaborating on performances. (More about that to come, don't worry.) But I am so happy to be home again. I didn't realise how good it would be to get back to this place.

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