Equinox Creativity

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Our annual Spring Equinox barbecue was a great success among new neighbors and old friends. We were fifteen people with food for 30. There was an abundance of cheese from around the world, plenty of bread including some delicious loaves locally baked, mushrooms (we ordered 2 kg online!), herbed mayonnaise, dips, vegetable sticks, and lots of wine and beer. 6 hours of feasting ended with a cake. 

For me, the equinox is both a celebration and a solemn day as I note the anniversary of my father's death. And this year, our friend Paul, who attended many equinox parties in years past, was also in my thoughts. So I had a private cry as I missed these two good men.

I cannot host a party without a creative activity and this year we drew postcards. All the guests wrote down addresses of friends and family who will unsuspectingly receive one of the cards pictured above - not necessarily one drawn by someone they know. I suspect there will be some very bemused recipients. "Equinox greetings from who? In Japan?"

One thing that I learned this year, is that living in Chiba completely changes the guest list. It's a long way from Tokyo and only one family made it. Which is fine, but it does indicate it is going to be challenging to keep old friendships going. 

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