Accountability April

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Tod left for adventures in India yesterday. He will return in June. 

After I returned from farewelling him towards the airport, I cried hot tears of abandonment and self-pity then fell into a funk. It would be so easy to stay there, depressed and lonely, bingeing on social media and movies, and eating nothing but cheese toast and pickles. But I do not want to spend the next ten weeks like that - it's really not me. So I am making the rest of this month into "Accountability April" for the following goals:

  • Daily workout plus an hour of activity (walking, biking, training, etc)
  • Decluttering via #minsgame and my Minimalism and Decluttering group on Facebook
  • Eating healthily, which means cheese toast <  once a day and salad/veg > once a day.
  • Drink fewer than 7 drinks a week
  • Decreasing my metabolic age to 35 (it's currently 42 according to my magic scale)
  • Pass my 原付 test and buy a scooter
  • Blog weekly or more (wow, right)
  • Complete one painting
  • Stay on top of work tasks and household repairs.
That is a lot of stuff for 26 days! But I can definitely do it. I will make some charts with stickers, because as childish as it may seem, they really work for me. I will report back here weekly on my progress and that also helps me stay accountable. Watch this space.

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