Omens, Talismans, and Offerings

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I am solidly superstitious, though usually pretty quiet about it. Omens are things of legend and talismans are for the weak and foolish. Despite that, I've always had a feeling that there are objects and actions that will improve any situation.  Yesterday, when I went to the Driving License Center to take my final exam, I was well armed:

  • I'd dreamed about my hair in big, bun-like knobs, so I styled something as close to that as possible. 
  • I put on a matching bra and panties. I feel more confident if I am nicely dressed on every layer.
  • I wore a necklace that keeps me calm and safe. It is visible in my driver's license picture and that is sweet.
  • I polished my boots to honor my father who taught me not only the value of shiny shoes but also was my driving inspiration. 
  • I was thrilled to see Mt Fuji clearly en route to Makuhari; for me, she is a herald of good things to come.
I am certain it wasn't actually any of these actions or objects that caused me to pass the exam. I prepared with study, practice, and review to pass the test. The scientific side of me says superstitions are rubbish. However, they can't hurt and they do help me through the nervous bits of challenging days. So thank you to my talismans, omens, and offerings for ensuring that I passed the test, completed the paperwork correctly, and received my license.

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