December 05, 2000
,Lever 2000, a brand

,Lever 2000, a brand of American “family body wash,” claims on its bottle that it has Over 70 Uses.

Intrigued, I called the Lever Consumer Hotline (1-800-598-5005) to find out more.

“Hello, Kathleen,” I began after the introductions. “I have a bottle of your body wash and it says there are over 70 uses. Do you have a list you can send me?”

“Oh, I’m afraid not,” she replied. “Just as we say the soap is “For all your 2000 Parts” even though people really don’t have 2000 parts, we don’t really have a list of uses. It’s only for marketing.”

I am disappointed but also determined. There must be 70 uses, I just have to think of them.

  1. Wash face
  2. Wash vegetables
  3. Laundry soap
  4. Shampoo
  5. Lubricant
Posted by kuri at December 05, 2000 09:46 AM

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