December 06, 2000
When I have a

When I have a problem getting an appliance or bit of equipment to work, I grab the manual and a translation dictionary and spend hours translating.

When our friend John had some trouble with his security system yesterday, he grabbed the phone. A chat with a technician got the problem solved in a few minutes. I guess there are some advantages to living in your homeland—ease of language being key among them!

Lever 2000 Uses sent in by clever readers:

6. Dish washing soap

7. Finger paint (with the addition of food coloring)

8. Very temporary nail polish

9. Lip gloss for a masochist

10. Bubble solution ingredient

11. Fish euthanasia agent

12. …

What else can we do with Lever 2000? Send your ideas to Posted by kuri at December 06, 2000 09:34 PM

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