March 06, 2001
i-mode penetration

Japan’s population is about 125 million people. 20 million of them carry DoCoMo’s i-mode mobile phones.

i-mode allows its users to send e-mail and text messages, read news, access web pages, even play games on the color displays of the tiny mobile handsets. You can also make travel reservations, do your banking, find a restauant, get a map, and program your own ringing sound.

Of course the phone takes messages, keeps track of who called and when, allows you to set up “speed dial” lists (that you can activate by saying the name of the person you want to call), and all the normal functions of a phone.

Tod’s i-mode phone (model P209i) weighs only 55 grams (about an ounce and a half)—less than a candy bar weighs. But that’s not good enough for me…

I’m one of the shrinking group that does not carry a cell phone. I’m still waiting for an interface that integrates all the digital gadgets (phone, PDA, Internet, camera, music playera) into one device that is easy to use and impossible to lose. Like a chip implanted in my head. I think I have a while to wait. Posted by kuri at March 06, 2001 06:56 AM

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