July 06, 2001
It’s 8 am and

It’s 8 am and I am happy to have my new laptop, Ferry, who I purchased in Dover last month. Her umbilical cord (an Ethernet cable) stretches across the bed, down the hall and into the office to give me Internet access.

I also have a cold. A miserable summertime one, probably brought on by life-saving air conditioning on extremely hot days. Ironic that the life enhancing coolers always make me sick. Which is worse: sweating in 36 degree heat or suffering a head cold?

Since I don’t have any client appointments (but plenty of work to do) I will poke around in bed today, nursing my cold and working with Ferry bridging the gap between my upraised knees and my stomach. Fortunately, her mouse buttons are placed far enough away from the edge of her case that my fat rolls do not activate them. Posted by kuri at July 06, 2001 08:10 AM

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