June 22, 2002
World Cup view

This was my view of last night’s exciting US-Germany game. Although the US lost, they played well. One shot on goal really might have been a goal, but it was ruled not. Even in the instant replays, it was hard to tell if it went in or not. Half the US team got yellow-carded for fouls. The Germans were tough and they won the match, but I think the US played better.

Tod called me from Korea to say he’d arrived safely and was watching the England-Brazil game at an Irish pub called “O’Kim’s” before the evening’s match but I didn’t see him on TV later that night. I watched all the crowd shots carefully, but the cameramen seemed to like the scantily clad women and fans with full-face paint. I guess Tod’s pedestrian American flag just wasn’t worthy. I hope he had a good time. Posted by kuri at June 22, 2002 09:54 AM

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