June 23, 2002
Late Night Delinquency

Middle of the Night Delinquency

“I am seriously wigged out,” Tod wrote to a friend on IRC at 3:20 this morning.”Kristen and her friend MJ went out to the convenience store about an hour and 20 minutes ago (it is a 5 minute walk) and they are not back yet. There is no sign of them anywhere. I went to the convenience store and asked if they had been there…the guy remembered seeing them but offered no clues.They were just going for some cigarettes and breakfast foods. They were wearing their pajamas! They decided to go on a ‘pajama run’ to get smokes for MJ.”

We did go to the conbini in our PJs and planned to come right home, but the all-night billiards hall beckoned. We played five games (MJ won all but one) and before we realised it, the sun was rising to the sound of birdsong. Poor Tod was home fretting about where we could have gone in our pajamas.

“I could imagine them going to an all-night ramen place or something under normal circumstances… but not in pajamas. Most places around here are closed at this hour. The pajama run was a ‘well come on with me before you go to sleep’ kind of thing but maybe they figured I would be asleep and not worry about them. MJ is kind of a wild child, brings our Kristen’s party side.”

I was very contrite when we returned and found Tod still awake and so worried. He & MJ had egg on toast then I fell asleep and MJ went home. A silly drama with a happy ending. Posted by kuri at June 23, 2002 12:08 PM

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