October 13, 2002

After introductions, (brief since 2/3 of the people in this workshop are my immediate family) we jump write into reading and writing poetry. Today’s lesson is memories.

After writing out 25 sentences beginning with “I remember” we choose one to expand into free written prose recalling as much detail as possible. And from there we craft a poem. My sentence is “I remember carving a reduction print in my chilly studio with tea to warm my hands.” And here’s my poem:

Errors in Alignment

Blank sheets glow on the drawing table
Dare me to begin; I print in reduction.
Alone in my studio, time is a canvas.

Cream of wheat smells like wallpaper paste
The steam warms my hands as I work.
Heat’s off again, ice forms on the glass.

Knife squeaks and rattles as it scratches down the surface,
Curves and lines pushed deeper by cold fingers.
Mirroring what I’ve patterned, how many mistakes?

Curves of linoleum yield to a soft breath
Grey inside and out, canvas’s remainders.
Time passes, I tilt and balance on wobbly legs.

Pepper’s prickle cracks the chill.
I break in my bruise-colored kitchen
Push back winter at the stove as the water boils.

— KMcQ

Posted by kuri at October 13, 2002 11:59 PM

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