April 12, 2003
Vitamin stockings

vitaminplus1.jpgI couldn’t resist these pantyhose when I saw them in the store. They are enriched with amino acid and vitamin C. We dressed up to go out to dinner tonight and I slipped them on.

Do I feel any genkier? No, though the drinks I had with dinner went right to my head. Maybe vitamin C and amino acid is an alcohol catalyst.

I wondered if these health-impregnated pantyhose would give me a rash, but my legs seem to be unblemished.

vitaminplus2.jpgThe package shows that you can wash them and the vitamins stay in becasue they are “pro vitamins.” Amateurs always come out in the wash.

There are several ranges of pantyhose like these—some are fortified with specific vitamins, others claim to give you relaxation or superpowers or the ability to get through a difficult work day. All of them are aimed at female office workers. I wonder if we’ll soon see an equivalent product for men? Maybe vitamin Y-fronts.

Posted by kuri at April 12, 2003 11:59 PM


superpowers - you got to be kidding . ROFL ,great

btw what superpowers exactly ?

Posted by: axel on April 13, 2003 05:53 PM

oh lord, amino acid and vitamin c enriched pantyhose, you’ve got to be kidding! I thought Sugamo’s Red Underwear (http://www.easterwood.org/hmmn/archives/000286.html) was over the top, but this….

Posted by: Kurt on April 14, 2003 03:12 PM

Off Topic Alert:

While we are on the subject of health, do you think hand washing is the reason Japan has not been overrun with SARS? The Japanese are, after all, notoriously clean. Any thoughts?

Posted by: Bob on April 16, 2003 01:07 AM
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