November 30, 2003
3 blocks in Ginza

The Apple Store opened in Ginza today. The lines stretched for three and a half long blocks—a three and a half hour wait. I just gawked at the people standing in line.

UltraBob came all the way from Zushi just to stand in line. He looks very happy here (near the end of the line) at 1:30 pm. I wonder what time he got into the store?

Leslie has the right idea—capture the crowds from outside the line.

The crowds were extremely well behaved and the guards were mostly for directing traffic to the end of the line and allowing people into the store in batches. You can see a few burly American bouncers in the background. I’ve no idea why they might have been needed.

Posted by kuri at November 30, 2003 06:57 PM


I’ve just found a 9Mbyte MPEG4-format 60-second
clip showing the new Apple Store in Ginza. Steve
Jobs was apparently in town the day before the

You’d probably be better off doing a “save to disk”
of the asginza.mp4 file, and open it with Quicktime
Player instead of clicking on it and waiting ages
for it to open in a web browser window…

Posted by: Windows 4 ever on December 1, 2003 09:56 PM

Why the big demand for an apple computer in japan? Never seen a line that long for any apple stores in the US…

Posted by: reoch on December 5, 2003 10:03 AM
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