April 17, 2004
Tech writing

I’m enjoying a new project today. I’m writing an illustrated Movable Type manual for non-native English speakers who will be contributing to a weblog.

Tech writing is always a pleasure. Over the years, I’ve honed the art of distilling complexity into easily followed directions and explanations.

My first tech writing was back in the early Telerama days—circa 1992—when I was helping our customers use FTP, telnet and Pine. In 1994, I wrote the oft-quoted Gentle Introduction to the Internet. Reading it ten years later is quite amusing, but at the time, these were things everyone was wondering about.

Posted by kuri at April 17, 2004 07:11 AM


compile a program for your c-64.. ahh those were the days.

Posted by: womble on April 18, 2004 11:22 PM
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