July 16, 2005
Google offers Japan maps

It seems to have launched without fanfare on July 13th, so when Tod stumbled across it this morning, we were excited. Google Maps now covers Japan in street maps based on the Zenrin maps.

We’ve amused ourselves testing the features and finding the bits that still need some work.

Google Maps finds addresses in Japan

Good Points

  • Subway exits & bus stops are marked

  • Every road, alley and driveway

  • Blocks are numbered & buildings outlined

  • Convenience stores, supermarkets and gas stations noted

  • Local Search feature works

Local Search works if you search in Japanese

Still To Go

  • Labelling of subway stations in the fully zoomed-in view is inconsistent

  • ‘Link to this Page’ & ‘Email’ in Local Search sends you to the wrong map (but they work OK in regular map view)

  • Driving directions don’t work but maybe that’s OK since everyone who drives has car navi.

Posted by kuri at July 16, 2005 10:57 AM

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