August 30, 2005

Blue truck on Expressway #5

“Oh, red flashing lights over on the highway,” I noted to Tod last night, as a police traffic stop caught my eye.

What I didn’t twig to was that I haven’t seen the highway from our veranda since they finished building the ugly green striped apartment building last year.

The destruction of the building across the way is moving along quickly. The workmen remove the metal sheathing as they pull down each floor, so now we can see all the way across to the highway. I wonder what they are going to build here?

Posted by kuri at August 30, 2005 10:31 AM


What every they’re going to build, just cross your fingers that it’s something better than a Yoshinoya, Book-Off, or pachinko parlor.

Posted by: Ando on August 30, 2005 02:14 PM
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