September 10, 2005
Shinobazu Boating

Audrey Hepburn (Tracey) and Jimmy Stewart (Tod) enjoy the drinks.

Some days are performance art, honestly. How else could I leave the house dressed as a water sprite?

The boating party was tiny—Tod, Tracey and me—but lots of fun anyway. Tod rowed us out to the middle of the pond and set us to drift. We popped the cork on a bottle of sprkling wine and noshed on cheese, crackers, fruit and cookies.

Me and Tracey, a study in contrasts.

The best part of the afternoon was watching people on shore and the other boaters watch us. Some waved, some looked away, a few called out to us. Most just smiled. We really did resemble like the painting on the invitation with our parasols and dress up clothes.

Posted by kuri at September 10, 2005 05:28 PM


Wouldn’t you three have raised eyebrows on the Central Park lake! You look great. What does the rest of your dress look like?

Posted by: Fran on September 10, 2005 10:07 PM

You all look great - Tod looks fabulous in a bowtie.

Everyday is performance art. :-)

Posted by: Jennifer on September 11, 2005 01:19 AM

Looks fun! I wish all of you could join our halloween reading meeting as our guests.

Posted by: Mieko on September 11, 2005 04:18 PM

Now, see, that looks so much nicer than sitting all day in an office with no windows, and as lovely as my students were, I would have had more fun with you guys. Damn this work crap!

Posted by: j-ster on September 12, 2005 11:20 AM
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