July 12, 2006

Coca Cola Japan presents…Deeppresso

At long last, I can say something about this product. I saw a preview of it months ago when I was doing a video edit for CCJC. I cracked up in the editing room and kept it in mind for all this time, though I recalled it with only one ‘e’.

De-presso? Depressed espresso? Decaf espresso?

No. Deep-presso. Deep flavour. Intense.

Intensely typical, despite the “100% Brazilian, single origin, beans.” It’s the usual, grossly sweet, milky Japanese canned coffee. The ingredients list: milk, coffee, sugar, flavouring, casein, milk solids, emulsifier. I’ve sipped half a can and I’m buzzing like a kid on birthday cake and ice cream.

As much as I love Coca Cola Japan and its many excellent products, this is not one that I’ll be trying a second time.

Posted by kuri at July 12, 2006 06:06 PM

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