February 03, 2007
Another Letter

The official reply (click for a larger version)

In the previous post, I forgot one other letter I sent last week - a note to the post office headquarters. I got a reply this morning - a speedy three day turnaround. Hooray for Japan Post!

I had asked them why some post offices required me to fill out customs forms when sending books overseas, and others just stamped them with Printed Matter. I wanted to know which was the correct way.

It seems both are correct. Printed Matter can weigh up to 5kg, except for Canada and Ireland; Small Packet (which requires a customs form) is up to 2kg and valid everywhere except Afghanistan. The letter suggests I use whichever post office interprets this the way I want. So flexibly Japanese!

Posted by kuri at February 03, 2007 11:23 AM


Works that way here, too, depending on the destination, mailing office, and fussiness of the clerk(some are relaxed, some are rulebook-thumping obstructionists). A welcome gap in the armor of bureaucratic rigidity.
Uncle Bobo

Posted by: Uncle Geo on February 11, 2007 06:54 AM
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