July 27, 2009
Fireworks parties

It’s fireworks season, with dozen of elaborate explosive displays packed into a few hot summer weekends.

On Saturday, we attended Shinji & Chako’s annual fireworks viewing party. From their apartment balcony, we enjoyed the Sumida River fireworks popping up above the buildings in the distance. When the balcony got crowded, we turned towards the TV, where yukata-clad TV personalities commentated the fireworks with jests and facts in a manner similar to the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade TV coverage.

Chako spent the whole time in the kitchen, preparing and refreshing a feast of sushi, salad, fried chicken, croquettes of every type, desserts and fruit. Shinji flitted amongst the guests, cracking jokes and sometimes confusing us all with his unique blend of Japanese and English. And at the end of the night, one of my favorite parts of the party - rakugo and shamisen from Yoshida-san. Every year, Yoshida-san arrives dressed in a somber blue kimono with a small case in hand, has a chat with everyone, drinks a few beers then sits down in front of his audience and acts out comic skits while he plays music. It is always such a treat to have live entertainment at a home party.

Next Saturday, I’m hosting a party for the Edogawa fireworks. No TV and no balcony, this one will be on the ground under the fire flowers themselves. If you’d like to come along, meet at Iidabashi station on the Sobu line platform at 4:30. We’ll travel into the crowds together and find a place for a picnic & play before the show starts at 7:15. Bring some picnic foods to share, toys, and whatever else you think will make the evening fun (bug spray? sun screen? cameras?). A sense of camaraderie and goodwill towards strangers is a essential - these events are crowded.

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