April 07, 2010
Tink in a Mood


Yesterday was a photoshoot with Deanne for Hooplovers new line of hula hoops. This is my alter ego, Tink, with her namesake hoop. She likes it, really. You will like the new hoops, too, when they go on sale soon.

You can see more photos from the shoot on Deanne’s Flickr set. They aren’t quite all so rebellious.

Posted by kuri at April 07, 2010 02:51 PM


Helen and I were inspired by your sneer and practiced ours in the mirror yesterday. We love the photos!

Posted by: Jennifer on April 7, 2010 07:39 PM

love these. i’m very fond of pics page one, row four, third and fourth from left.

Posted by: fran on April 7, 2010 08:40 PM
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