February 28, 2011
Three Little Firsts

This week, I’ve had three new experiences:

1. A stranger bought me a beer. While I was dining out at a yakitori-ya with MJ, a guy sitting at the counter bought us drinks. He wasn’t trying to pick us up and we had a nice chat about nothing while we drank.

2. I leaped on a friend, landing with my arms and legs around him, and neither either of us toppled. Thanks, Phil, for being amazingly solid. Don’t suppose you’d let me climb up you and hoop?

3. Someone kifed my umbrella. I put it in a bin by the entrance while I shopped and when I left the umbrella was gone. It’s a common occurrence in Japan, but this is my first time. Stolen Umbrella!

Maybe these things are happening to me because MJ is leaving Japan today for a new life in sunny Cairns. She’s always been a magnet for crazy people and fun experiences. Maybe her share of oddball interactions is coming my way, now that they need someone else to attach to. If that’s so, I’ll soon encounter weird taxi drivers and be staying up all night playing billiards. (Oh, wait, already did that.)

When I see you in Australia, MJ, looks like I’ll have some stories to tell you!

Posted by kuri at February 28, 2011 04:30 PM

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