March 09, 2011
Circus Style Hoop Drill for Hoop Dancers: hoop stack

Here’s a circus-style hula hoop drill to train your posture, condition your core and build strength. Get a stack of hoops spinning on your waist and then follow along with prompts for 5 1/2 minutes of tips, challenges and prompts to keep you going. This drill will carve you a six pack! (or a three pack, if you only go in one direction…)

The video is meant to be played while you are hooping through the drill, so it’s not a tutorial as much as a set of instructions and prompts set to music. There is text (high contrast for when you’ve got your iPhone outside in the glare, though this drill is very indoor friendly, too) and some graphics to help you keep track of where in the drill you are. Glance at it to get your bearings and don’t stop hooping!

How many hoops to should you put in your hoop stack? The Australian circus hoopers told me the “number of hoops you can split plus one or more.” So if you can split 3, your hoop stack is 4 hoops or more. If you usually only use one hoop, start your stack with two. The hoops should be the same size and similar weight.

When you can do the whole five minute drill without dropping your hoops, do it again in the opposite direction, or extend to ten or twenty minutes.

I plan to make more hoop drill videos in the same vein: simple explanations in graphics and text plus the timings for each move and music. The next one will involve spinning the hoop on all parts of your body. It’s a fun one.

Thanks to Jewelz and all the Aussie circus hoopers who helped me to learn this and other drills. You’re wonderful teachers and so strong.

Posted by kuri at March 09, 2011 03:43 PM

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