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When you arrive at the party, you'll choose a slip of paper with a number. Hang on to the number, you'll need it later.

For the gift exchange there will be one present for everyone at the party; everything is wrapped. Take a look at the pretty gifts on the table and think about which one you might like to have. What could they be? One is worth a little more than the others...

We'll start with the person holding number 1, who gets to choose any gift from the pile. Each person gets to selects a gift in order of the numbered slips until everone has a present.

Don't unwrap yet!

When everyone has a gift in hand, we start at number 1 again, who chooses to keep what he or she has, or exchange it for what someone else is holding. Don't be shy about trading--that's what makes this game lively!

When everyone has had a chance to keep or exchange their gift, then we can unwrap and see what we received!