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Wink ;-)

When you arrive on the night of the party, you’ll choose a slip of paper that says whether or not you are the Winker. If you see ;-) you are the Winker. If your slip shows :-D, you are a Non-winker.

Winker ;-)

The object is to wink at all the guests before anyone guesses you are the Winker!

Wink at people to “kill” them. Do it carefully, so nobody but the person you’re winking at see. You want to be sneaky. If someone guesses that you are the winker, you have to say yes—no cheating!

Non-winker :-D

You are tying to figure out who the winker is before you're winked at. Watch closely for clues.

If you are winked at, you wait a few minutes, then stage a dramatic “death.” After that, you are out of the game and may not guess who the winker is (because you already know).

How do you die dramatically? You might swoon in a fatal faint or clutch your heart, or fall over on your way to get another glass of wine. The sillier and more theatrical you make it, the more fun the game is.

If you think you know who the winker is, raise your hand and announce loudly “ I know who it is!” then, when everyone is paying attention, point at the person you are accusing and say his or her name. If you are right, you win! If you are wrong, you are out of the game. If someone guesses that you are the winker but you are not, you must say "no."