Crossing the Line


At Ikebukuro, you can cross over the Yamanote line tracks from the inner loop to the outer loop. The overhead highway is 5; the street below is 254.

Contributor: Kristen
Date: March 11, 2004

Posted on 2004年03月13日 10:11

I've read your comment many times, but I still don't get the meaning. There are dozens of places around the line where you cross from the inner to the outer loop and vice versa. What's so unusual about Ikebukuro?

Posted by: Dick Harris at 2004年07月11日 21:48

Nothing is particularly unusual; I didn't think the note made it sound like this was the only place you could do so. I just happened to be there crossing it one day and snapped a photo.

Posted by: Kristen at 2004年08月09日 14:20